The Principal of ENG Consulting Limited is Mokhtar El-Houry, a British national, who has built up a satisfied clientele by providing a responsive, principally structural, service to clients’ timescales. The company has been growing, gaining recognition from well-satisfied clients for its high quality services, reliability and its professional level of conduct.

The Practice has the advantage of being able to draw on the resources of a number of similar sized practices which can supplement the resources of ENG Consulting Limited, should the project require specialist expertise in a particular field or be of a sufficient scale. The client thus gains the benefit of a single interface with ENG Consulting Limited, keeping the personal contact with the Project Manager or Director and, at the same time, gaining the benefit of the allocation of resources appropriate to the project and its timescale for completion.

ENG Consulting Limited keeps its clients up to date with both fee and construction costs throughout the timescale of its engagement and can provide contractual advice as well as technical advice, should the client require the same.

The practice of ENG Consulting Limited has full Professional Indemnity Cover and a copy of the policy is available for inspection by prospective clients.  The policy is ‘topped up’ on a project by project basis so that the appropriate cover is in place for the size of the projects undertaken by the practice.

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