Property Development


Here at ENG consulting, we believe in the importance of honesty, integrity and diligence. We take huge pride in producing work of exemplary quality. Throughout the time we have been working, our values have enabled us to develop the trust and confidence of our clients.  We have seen the business quickly progress from smaller, more modest constructions to projects that helped us expand, establishing the basis for the company as it is today.
Supported by a team of professionals, company director Mokhtar boasts expertise in all aspects of complex residential builds. From concept development, negotiating finances, design and architectural services, construction management, to in-house marketing, sales management, and residential and commercial client relations, Mokhtar envisions, plans, builds, and manages residential construction projects from inception to completion.
ENG Consulting has a successful history of developing bespoke architectural designs for residential and commercial developments. We have also achieved significant returns in the value of our diverse portfolio of properties and investments. We focus on quality and lasting value in our developments ensuring  the endurance and longevity of our developments.